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Trypnaural Mediation Guide

If you have not downloaded this already I highly recommend that you have a read of the TrypnauralMeditations.com guide.

Trypnaural Success Subliminal 30 mins

One of our most popular sessions is the Success Subliminal Series that combines our very best techniques of subliminal affirmations, supraliminal suggestions and trypnaural isochronic brainwave entrainment to help you rewire negative belief patterns that hold you back from success in life. Enjoy!


  1. I would really like to purchase full membership. And love that I can custom make files. And I have previously purchased the amAya membership for several months. However, I have not purchased full Trypnaural membership yet for a couple reasons. There is vagueness in my understanding in 2 very important areas. I found the amAya site was very vague in explaining these matters, and I anticipate that the Trypnaural site will also be vague in these important matters as well. So I am bringing them to your attention. And really hope you will address them with me, and hopefully for all your members too through your website information.

    I will explain: I will be using almost all sound files at Trypnaural with an audio strobe device…or also known as, sound and light therapy machines. It would be very unsafe to use to different entrainments from 2 different sources on my brain. I need absolute clarity on which files contain embedded isochronic tones and which music files have just naturally brain entraining sounds or rhythms. I will only use the sound files that are naturally entraining with the audio stobe device… and I will use the isochronic tones without the audio strobe device.

    From what I understand, from all that I have read and heard from you is: The Trypnaural Ultra Tracks and Nature sounds are the only music/sound files that do NOT contain any isochronic beats. Please advise me, Is this correct?

    So my first question, or suggestions actually, about your trypnaural membership music: Please color code all your files: ie as either green or red. Ex: all red are all embedded with isochronic beats/tones and all green have no embedded tones/beats. In the meantime, if you would please email me the title/name of all sound files/music that has NO isocrhonic beats/tones. If you do this I will purchase a membership (and please also include which of these files require headphones). Until I know these things it will be far to frustrating for me to purchase a membership.

    2nd very important question: Is head phones required for all isochronic sound files or not? Is headphones required for any or all of you NON-isochronic tones files? I request that you please also make a clear disctinction through some manner of coding so we know when headphones are required and when they are NOT required.

    This information willl be most appreciated. I want to purchase this great music and to customize tracks but simply can not until I know what kind of files I am dealing with(and the safety factor to use them with sound and light devices) and which files require headphones.

    Please be so kind as to email me the titles that are safe to use with sound and light devices at the minimum, as this will allow me to consider purchasing membership.


    • Hi Ellicia,

      You are correct, only Trypnaural B.E contains isochronic tones. They can also be used without headphones. So too can Trypnaural Ultra sessions.

      We cannot color code at present, but in the future we may consider it. But I will include a not in each section, what each session includes for clarity – thank you for the suggestion 🙂

  2. I can’t hear the words that was saying in the program. Am I suppose to know what it said inside? I have a hard time to understand on
    the introduction also.

  3. Thank you…you were perfect and the whole meditation is Beautiful. I have a really beautiful feeling coursing through me of love and contentment. I have tears couring down my face. Thank you…I would love to listen to this daily. Thank …I love You xx

  4. HI Niraj, great informative video thanks.My one constructive comment is the slight over use of the word “OK”. Once I noticed this it was a little distracting!

  5. Congratulations on a job well done.
    To be more specific, the Trypnaural audio and video work best for me.
    So long as the Success Subliminal Activation audio is concerned, I need to know the subliminal content before proceeding further. Thanks.

  6. Dear Niraj Naik,

    I am very sorry, I cannot open your products (ghostery prevents?) And I have a problem to pay with the offered possibilities.
    Could I pay on your account? So I would need the IBAN and BIC of your bank.

    Could you please help me?
    I would very much like to buy your trypnaural meditation etc. – I am very interested, also because of your informations.

    Thank you very much.

    All the best to you,

    Marlene A. Remmel

  7. Hello, am thankful to have come across your music. Am a devoted Hindu and a huge fan of meditation. Though sadly, I have never had any kind of guidance from anyone. Your music is a gift for people like me. Thank you again for making this available.

  8. I was overjoyed to see a printed version of your presentation—until I found that I could not speed-read it anyway, and had to wait for your voice to catch up. No insult intended, as you have a pleasant and clear voice for such a presentation; but some of us don’t have half an hour to listen when we could read a transcript in just a few minutes to find what we are looking for. (Some sites offer such a thing if we click to close, enticing us to stay and read if we haven’t time to listen. That’s a wonderful idea!) Please offer that option!


  9. hi .. i have recieved the latest information on your system which i find excellent .. and i am considering purchasing,, one question i would like to ask is about the reproduction of the various music etc ,,i have been listening to the samples that i have recieved off you ,, could you tell me if the actual music and spoken pieces are of the same quality as the samples ,, as i could not hear the words very clear as they were inaudible as the music was quite loud ,, kindest regards david,, l

    • Hi David,

      Thanks for your message. Actually the voice is purposely quiet as this is how it works on an subconscious level. Let me know if you need more help.

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