Marisa Peer
Marisa Peer
Britains Best Therapist (Men's Health/Tatler Magazine)

Trypnaural is the music choice for Marisa Peer's latest hypnosis audio recordings as her clients love the music and effects.

Wim Hof
Wim Hof
The Superhuman Ice Man (20+ World Records)

Trypnaural is the music technology used in the Wim Hof Method. Wim Hof is the first person to scientifically prove that you can directly influence your autonomic nervous system through meditation and also train others to do the same.

What Do We Do?

We create ‘high performance minds’ using our products backed by research that supports your peak performance & wellbeing.

*Deepest Meditation & Life Transforming Benefits In A Much Faster Time

Like the invention of computers has helped us to get complex tasks and calculations done in a fraction of the time, the innovation of brainwave technology like Trypnaural helps you get into deep meditative states fast.

Get Access To A Growing Library Of The Most Cutting Edge Brainwave Entrainment Music & Meditations Perfect For Therapists, Sound Healers & Anyone Who Wants To Go Deeper With Meditation In A Faster Time.

With Optional License To Resell Your Own Custom Meditations or Hypnosis Sessions (perfect as an extra income stream for therapists)

Веб-сайт Vavada очень хорошо продуман. Тут особенно учли структурную систему, которая гарантирует простоту управления и визуальную динамику. Благодаря модернизированному интерфейсу, в котором в деталях отображаются все игровые разделы, казино хорошо подходит для использования, как в настольной версии, так и на смартфоне.

*Results In A Faster Time

Get zen monk levels of meditation in 15 minutes or less

*Many Benefits

Reduce stress, enjoy deep sleep, be more focused, increase mind power, even start or expand your business with the resell license.

*Side Effect Free

Meditation is proven to help with depression, ADHD, high blood pressure without side effects

A New Twist In Meditation

Helps YOU reduce stress & experience the deepest relaxation in minutes.

NASA Scientists Test Out Trypnaural

Create Your Own Custom Meditations

Inside the store you can get a video guide that shows you exactly how to create your own custom meditations that you can also combine with special subconscious mind programming techniques for a truly customized meditation experience.

The Science Behind Trypnaural

Our ancient ancestors were actually very advanced when it came to the knowledge of meditation, music and its benefits to your body, mind and spirit.

The music they composed was actually dedicated to nurturing the soul and enhancing the mind.

They were also the pioneers of brainwave entrainment, the ancient tribes of Africa were actually using the techniques 1000’s of years ago.

Trypnaural takes the very best ancient and modern entrainment techniques combined with special breathwork and meditation exercises for deep and profound results that you will experience in minutes.

  • Isochronic Tones

    These are by far the most powerful and effective brain trainers, far superior to binaural beats. They synchronise your brain with specific rhythms of pulses and tones. The effects can be felt without headphones, but using them will greatly enhance the effects.

  • Tribal Rhythms & Hypnotic Music

    Sound and music has a profound ability to alter your brainwave state particularly when it has a rhythm to it. We use specially composed grooves and music to produce deep trance states in minutes.

  • Hypno-Fractal Visuals & Mandalas

    Our ancestors used flickering flames and mandalas as cornerstones of their rousing rituals – while today, we use sophisticated visualization programs that carry us to elevated states of consciousness shown to produce trance-like states of relaxation, enhanced intellectual functioning and even increased IQ scores.

  • Breathwork

    We use an ancient Indian form of breathwork known as Pranayama that has clinically proven results for reducing stress and unlocking your full human potential.

As a trader, having focus is not a luxury, it’s a necessity for making the best decisions under pressure. The music and meditations allow me to bring my best game each and every day. I am more tuned into work for longer and better and with a steady energy and calmness. I am also a writer with a fairly high demand on output meaning I need to get a quality 700 to 1800 words of analysis created daily. And again I rely on to put my mind at it' most clear and creative. It delivers every time.

Raghee Horner
Raghee Horner

I have been making relaxation recordings for mental self help and health improvement since 1979. As a pathfinder in EEG ( brainwave monitoring and entrainment ) I understand totally the effects of sound and music on the human mind and body. The recordings offered from your website are without doubt some of the most effective I have ever used and recommend them to my clients whole heartedly

David Bentley
David Bentley

amAya's music is world-class and wonderful!

James D’Silva, Celeb Yoga Teacher
James D’Silva, Celeb Yoga Teacher
(Madonna, Sting, Coldplay)