Log in Issues Alpha Mind System

Send them this link to register as a full member if they did not receive the email.

Download Problems Alpha Mind System Store

Download Issues Both Sites

Log in Issues Trypnaural

How To Order CDs From Trepstar

Refund Request Both Sites

Please log in to my paypal


Cannot download files

Please refer to videos above

Check they are not using an ipad or iphone

Do you need headphones?

No, but they do enhance the effect.

Does this work on iphones or ipads?

Streaming works, not downloading

Is there a payment plan?

For Trypnaural = no

For Alpha Mind System = yes – there is a 3 part payment plan you can find on this page http://www.alphamindsystem.com/go-alpha

I am confused I thought I bought the Alpha Mind System but I cant access it

Because I cross promote my sites to the same lists some people get confused. Please find out what they actually wanted. I offer an upsell to Alpha Mind System at a reduced price here if they want to have both.

If they just want one. Please add them as a member of the new site and cancel the membership to the other site, but do not refund as they are the same price so a simple switch will do.

How much does the lifetime membership cost?

$97- Alpha Mind System

$97 – Trypnaural

$9.97 per month or $77 per year amAyaSounds monthly (free with trypnaural)

If they have any medical condition and are wondering if they can use this.

Always say, please speak to your doctor for medical advise before using any of our products, refer to me if it seems like a special requirement they have.

How do I become an affiliate?

Visit this link http://alphamindsystem.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-affiliate-platform/affiliates/login.php

Any questions you cannot answer

Please forward to me on [email protected]

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