This is a sample of the full 1 Hour Trypnaural Subliminal Session found in the members area that is composed of atmospheric music, nature sounds, a deep subliminal voice track and a powerful isochronic tone embedded to take you into a deep theta state where the best healing, regeneration and growth occurs in your body. You can download this sample video for your enjoyment by clicking on the link here:

The subliminal is specially recorded to implant the thoughts of the sacred “I AM”

“I am whole, perfect, strong, loving, harmonious and happy”

How Your Own Mind Works


You have a mind, and you should learn how to use it. There are two levels of your mind the conscious or rational level, and the subconscious or irrational level. You think with your conscious mind, and whatever you habitually think sinks down into your subconscious mind, which creates according to the nature of your thoughts. Your subconscious mind is the seat of your emotions and is the creative mind. If you think good, good will follow; if you think evil, evil will follow. This is the way your mind works. Dr Joseph Murphy

Your one mind is composed of two separate systems, the conscious mind that is rational and your subconscious mind, which is irrational.

Your conscious mind is responsible for DECISION making, such as what book to read, what music to listen to and what partner to fall in love with.

On the other hand the beating of your heart, your digestive functions, your breathing and circulation are all under the control of your subconscious completely independent of your conscious mind.

Your subconscious mind also carries out your hardwired HABITS. A reflection of this would be when you are driving home from work, have you ever reached home and had the feeling, I just can’t remember the journey here?

This is because you have repeated that same journey so many times that the activity of driving home has been hard wired into your subconscious and this takes over, meaning you are no longer consciously aware of the journey.

It is the same principle of learning to ride a bike for the first time, you have to concentrate like crazy, but after a lot of practice, the process become completely NATURAL and you rarely forget how to do it.

This is because the thought process involved in riding a bike has been hard wired into your subconscious mind.

An important point to remember is that your subconscious mind does NOT get involved with determining whether your thoughts are good or bad, true or false.

It responds according to the NATURE of your thoughts or suggestions.

If you consciously assume something to be true, even though it may be completely false, your subconscious mind will accept it as true and proceed to bring about the consequences of your action.

Most peoples thought patterns go something like this

Conscious Mind: I want more money

Subconscious Mind: But people wont like me, money is evil, its too much hard work and stress!

Request canceled, initiate the self-sabotage sequence

Conscious Mind: I want to lose weight!

Subconscious Mind: Are you kidding? I love chocolates! I am fat and always will be!

Request canceled, initiate the self-sabotage sequence.

We self sabotage the things we really want out of life, because hard wired in our subconscious are old patterns of thinking that are usually built upon false beliefs

If you did not have a subconscious part to your mind, your conscious mind would be overwhelmed looking after all the various functions of the body, having to protect you from any incoming danger and also come up with new creative ideas.

So the separation of your mind into two parts was a very necessary thing in the evolution of the brain.

Your conscious mind acts like a watchman at the gate and its chief function is to PROTECT your subconscious mind from FALSE impressions. This way you can create constructive and harmonious habits to provide an easy, joyful and vibrant life.

This actually means that your subconscious mind can be programmed or reprogrammed where necessary.

The hardwired negative habitual thinking can actually be replaced by more constructive thoughts.

If you imagine your subconscious mind as an operating system on a computer, you can erase the disk and start again with a far superior operating system free from bugs.

This is made possible by the amazing power of SUGGESTION, and it is this process that holds the secret to unlocking your infinite subconscious mind power.

It is this power that explains the miracles of prayer and why so many still practice it till this day.

When you pray you are rewriting the matrix of habitual thoughts hardwired into your subconscious.

You are laying down new patterns by directly communicating to your subconscious through your conscious mind.

When prayer is repeated every night, a quantum shift occurs in the physiology of your mind and body.

It is widely accepted that most chronic diseases are caused by a dysfunction in our immune system.

We also know that our subconscious is responsible for the proper functioning of our immune system.

When I began the process of speaking directly to my subconscious every night just before going to sleep, that many religious people would have perceived as prayer, what I was doing was correcting the old bad patterns that had formed as a result of STRESS and WORRY.

I would lay on my bed and repeat the following line whilst MEDITATING to my special trypnaural meditation music.

I am whole, perfect, strong, loving, harmonious and happy

In a matter of weeks my subconscious had accepted the above statement as TRUE, my anxiety melted away and my health was restored back to normal. Not only that, but I gained a new sense of CONFIDENCE and magical things started to happen for my business and relationships.

As I gained more energy from the reduced anxiety and stress, I started to exercise more, eat more healthily and as a result I became more attractive to people I met.

The positive effects of the INCANTATION lead to a chain of events that can only be described as miraculous.

In a few short months I managed to quit my job that I hated, cured myself of a debilitating disease and had created a successful business online.

I hope you enjoy the sample and enjoy some of the benefits I did!

Peace and Blessings

Niraj amAya



  1. Hi,
    I am highly impressed with your work and generosity. God bless you so very, very very much. You are doing such a fantastic job at transforming lives. You are my hero and I look forward to purchasing all of your subliminals, videos and audios because I am getting so blessed by them.
    The thing is that this idea of self transformation that magnetizes the individual to influence his world is my own very passionate wish. Could you please sponsor me for 2 days teaching one on one , if not with you personally but with one of your kind guys at the business so i can reproduce and duplicate what you are doing on the planet? I really want to come and see you face to face and get some help in setting up my own subliminal practice. This is because technology wise, I am in limbo. My passion is Mind Science = the neurological system and I have a lot of teachings prepared to just fly with the subliminal videos and audios to enable people realize quick change in their lives and issues. I know you are very generous but if you can go the extra mile in helping me, I would be forever grateful to you.
    Also, let me know about resales possibilities using your subliminal videos. I have lived in poverty almost all my life and after watching your videos, i just know this is my only and last chance to be pulled out. i am ready to do what it takes to be successful.
    Thank you so very, very, much.
    Florence Killi

  2. Thank you so much for your samples. I can’t afford to be a member but the tiny morsels I get are like light at the end of the tunnel. I listen to the samples morning and night. I feel happy and energetic.


    • Hi Linda, thats ok, I totally understand. but thanks so much for your feeback! There is a store coming very soon where you can buy tracks individually at a much reduced cost. The only difference will be that you wont have resell rights unless you become a member. Becoming a member grants you a license to resell all my meditations as long as you customize them, for life!

  3. Thank you very much brother! Beautiful, generous and inspiring work.

    May the Source Bless You.

    Much Love & Gratitude.

  4. I enjoyed this sample very much. My only problem is money to come up with 97.00 . I am on very low social security and i have severe copd. What I am trying to do is with the help of the subconcious is to restore my lungs and create new cells . What i need is a cd with the proper words to make this happen. Any advise is appreciated. Dennis

    • HI Dennis, I am very sorry to hear you have COPD. I know it can be a very stressful illness to have to endure. Unfortunately there is no miracle cure for this condition and just listening to a cd will not be the cure. But it can be the catalyst for great change to occur. Music and sound can have a very beneficial effect in reducing long term stress and restoring your homeostatic balance. Hypnotic suggestions with sound, where you say words or sentences over music or sound whilst in a meditative state can help rewire the negative thoughts that impact the normal functioning of our body and immune system. These new thoughts can lead to new and more positive actions and encounters that can have the end result of dramatic self healing. I would recommend that you try a nutritional product called colostrum. You can get it here is what I used to help me to recover from ulcerative colitis. It is amazing stuff and you can find out all the info about it from here I will be writing about it very soon in my newsletter. Many thanks Niraj

  5. I would like to suggest that you divide the $ 97 into 3 individual payments via credit card. This will be much more convenient and easy. I am confident that thousands of people will order because it will be much more affordable and not so hard on the pocket.
    Hoping you would consider this.

  6. Dear Niraj amAya,

    I am a regreesiontherapist who would like to putchase tapes you have created to help me induce theta in the shortset period of time prior to induction or while inducing a regression into a particular past life where subconscious memories originated in order to heal my patient/clients.

    Which tapes would you recommend for ultimate relaxation and the most immediate entrance into theta for healing purposes?

    How can healings e reinforced after the session, so tht old patterns do not return. this is of course a major porvblem for most therapist. HAVE YOU FOUND AN ANSWER?

    thanks you so much,

    Bonnie elness

  7. Thanks for a generous gift. I will definitely enjoy it repeatedly.

    Though there are few points debatable, your explanations of “how your own mind works” are in general agreeable. Re-wiring of our synapses is a major task, which requires major efforts. Your products would be a great help for the task.

    Motto Nakajima, CH

  8. I have been using binaural beats and other sounds to help me sleep for years, but I’m not knowledgeable enough to create the perfect sleep Mp3. I would really love it if someone would create the perfect sleep. 8-10 hours of sound to guide you thru the different stages of normal sleep. (Maybe slip in a pleasant dream experience would be nice)
    Every night I sleep with my MP3 player plugged into my ears to get sleep. It really works to listen to music like the Ultimate OHM, Kelly Howel and Brain Sync. If someone could create the perfect sleep combination of delta,rem etc, It would sell like wildfire. I haven’t found where anyone has created such a CD or Mp3. I really need a full night with ear buds to block out my kitties nighttime noisy adventures and noisy neighbors. I wake with every sound if I don’t plug in every night.

    I have Fibromyalgia, hypothyroid and sciatica. Pain keeps me awake and the years of being a Mom who slept lightly to hear my babies cry in the night have resulted in my poor sleep condition. Plus the years as an, on call Radiologic Technologist have damaged my sleep as well.
    Can you help me by creating my perfect nights sleep sounds?

    A side note, I had an OBE when I was 16 years old and haven’t been able to do it since.(I think it scared the heck out of me and created a block) I look forward to listening to your meditation track I purchased 🙂

  9. Excellent pieces so far and believe that their healing
    and do wonders for the mind. In future I will certaintly
    purchase from you and thanks so much for the bonuses.
    Very Grateful. Blessings to you.

  10. Hi,
    Thank you so much for this information on how to live a wonderful life of happiness, health and wealth. I will follow your advise to do affirmation before going to bed. God truly will shower you more and more wisdom, to help people live a happy life.

    Thanks again


  11. I would like to buy this in a store so which stores would carry this?? I tried the sample you sent me the other day..and am trying to see any real changes in my daily consciousness??I’d love to buy and listen to it in a relaxed state…thanks regardless for sending me this.. debbie

  12. Thank you for sharing this prayer is very powerful but I never thought to pray to my subconscious mind. I am on my way to becoming a lifetime member.

  13. Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful messages. Much more peace love and happiness in a musical form on its way to you very soon! Niraj xx

  14. The Subconscious stores inatfmroion we cannot properly obtain at a normal conscious level.This is the importance of meditation, it allows us access to the subconscious and the thoughts/feelings stored there.To understand self, you have to understand the whole the sub conscious is part of that wholeReferences : Buddhist

  15. I enjoy this website, the information is very concise, it really a continual discovery, how the mind work in unity and Mankind is expressing
    again 1 ness. Love It!

  16. Many thanx for your samples I realy benfit from it because I’m always very stressed and that make me sick in my stomack all the time and I also have zero confedance and I strart feeling the difrence from when I start listening to you samples unfortunaly I don’t have the cash to by you package because I’m just a ordaniry housewife but I benefit a lot from your free samples sory for my bad english for I’m afrikaans friendly greetings and many thanx again

  17. I have enjoyed many hundreds of meditation sounds/music and countless hours in deep meditation.
    I ran across your Trypnural Ascention video about 4 mo. ago and listened to it just as I would any other time I have
    Meditated…But, YOUR MUSIC IS SENSATIONAL! There is something quite different and special about your music.
    I have felt my Chakras during other meditations as well, but instantly my third eye opened and “lit up” stronger than EVER!
    It was amazing as I laid listening to it in bed the first time my husband was sound asleep next to me ( he isn’t into the music, chakras, etc.) suddenly I felt his hand lay on my forehead! It was as though he was unknowingly receiving the loving energy I deeply felt while listening
    To the Trypnural. Keep up the fantastic work! I really believe this will have a incredible impact on humanity. It Works! What a blessing! Thank you for embracing this and choosing to share your talent! I shared the link to your Trypnural Ascention when I found it months ago and have continued to. I plan on purchasing your offer in the very near future. Love Infinity <3 ~ Madelon

  18. Hi. I would like to know if there is a way of purchasing your cds other than becoming a mem ber. Also is there a way of viewing your library of cds or mp3s. Why does one have to become a member as this is a bit costly with the current exchange rate? I live in South Africa.

  19. I am not sure if I have already paid for this program. But, I would like to notify you that I have a new credit card to order with.

    Blessings, Robert

    please send me a new email to order with.

  20. Hello~~~~
    I’m interested in becoming a member, but I need to know just how it works, that I could sell the videos, etc.
    Could you please clarify the process for me?
    Thank you,
    Jacquie Whitfield
    Savannah, Georgia

  21. I remember this affirmation from one of the many books that I have read over the years.
    Only there is something missing.
    The full affirmation is ” I am whole, perfect, strong and powerful, loving harmonious and happy.
    It scans better too.

  22. thank you for your beautiful gifts, you are a master in your own rights with so much creativity that I highly appreciate, thanks again

  23. Hi. Thank you for this. I am with you completely. Just one thing $97 is a bit expensive, in fact quite steep. Take – they have awesome stuff on specials for as little as $12. And they give away a lot of full audios for free. Just think about it. Thanks again.

  24. Thank you, I love your subliminals & music! How can I download this free Trypnaural Subliminal session sample above onto my mac desktop to nadd to my boght collection of your MP3s?

    • Hi Alex, it was Ulcerative Colitis. It was more than just affirmations that cured me. But the affirmations changed my state of mind, helped me to get into more healing and calm states of mind that eventually led me to discover a powerful system for self healing that I would have otherwise ignored or not noticed. Affirmations can help your mind ‘tune in’ to whats good for us, and ‘tune out’ of whats not. See the Self Healing section for more information and I am about to launch a full course that is focused on self healing based on my own experience and medical background very soon 🙂

  25. What was the powerful system of self healing you found by doing affirmations? I’m currently using the affirmation you used and the subliminal healing trypnaural track. I thought affirmations were all that was needed, what are the steps after this for healing that I’m not aware of?

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