Third Eye Awakening


This is a special series of Trypnaural B.E and guided meditation sessions for activating your third eye chakra/pineal gland for greater intuitive and sensory powers, enhanced creativity, deeper sleep and increased health and vitality.

You also get clear voice instruction that teaches you exactly how to perform each meditation correctly.

With 3 bonus eBooks for gaining a better understanding of your third eye. (Worth $47)

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In many ancient cultures, the pineal gland, located in the frontal lobe of your brain, is considered to be “the seat of the soul”, or more commonly known as, the third eye.

Many mystics have revered the third eye as giving you the ability to see VISIONS of the future you wish to manifest.

Special meditation can be used to enhance the activity of the pineal gland. This allows the mediators to connect with the divine and the universal consciousness.

Deep meditation in this state enables the meditator to receive divine inspiration, heightened creativity and divine knowledge.

It is thought DMT, which is released by the pineal gland, is the molecule responsible for producing dreams when we sleep and visions experienced by people like shamans, psychics and prophets.

When you dream and visualize about the future events you want to manifest, you are actually seeing through your third eye.

In children, this gland is very active. This is why as children we often have these wild imaginations. As people get older, the pineal gland is less active and the wild imaginations tend to disappear!

There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that the higher powers that control our governments and corporations have known about the mysteries of the pineal gland from the beginnings of our recorded history.

There is much talk of all the constant noise, propagation of fear, stress and even contamination of our drinking water with fluoride, as a conspiracy to cause the calcification of your pineal gland.

Calcification of the pineal gland causes it to lose its ability to function as a tool for visionary growth and creation.

You can see this now. You only have to observe the growing number of people who have almost robot-like lives, who have LOST their inner creativity and dreams.

As a child, I used to put cut outs from various magazines and pictures of things I admired or wanted to some day attract in to my life. It is quite amazing how many of those things have come true over time….

I used to dream of playing on stage in front of thousands of people, so I would put up pictures of rock concerts and stadium gigs. In 2002, I played my first show in front of 50,000 people at the Exit Festival in Serbia.

Dreaming and imagining future events ACTIVATES your third eye, which I believe is your portal to a possible future, the creation of which lies in your hands.

Part of my self healing process was using special third eye meditations and visualization exercises that I believe helped to stimulate the production of a powerful hormone called melatonin as well as to invoke a healing response via my pineal gland.

When you regularly visualize the reality you wish to create for yourself and use tools such as vision boards to help you, a change occurs in your physiology.

Every molecule in your body begins to align itself with that future. Through quantum physics we have already shown that time is irrelevant in the quantum world where an infinite number of possible universes exist in an equal number of different dimensions.

Using your third eye to visualize the future and believing that possible future is already REAL and happening right NOW, a quantum shift occurs and the universe guides you to make that vision into reality.

Third Eye Awakening System Contents

3 Powerful Third Eye Meditations:

These sessions are best done at night before you want to sleep, in the dark and away from any artificial light.

You can choose any of one of these that you feel most comfortable with to begin the process of awakening your third eye, or you may use all 3 in combination as you wish.

It is important that you detox your body by limiting the consumption of factory-based, processed foods for at least 7 days prior and during the awakening process.

You can find out how to do each one in more detail in the Third Eye Awakening guide included with this pack.

1.  Indigo Third Eye Meditation (25 min audio)

This guided meditation is designed to help you awaken the power of your third eye through visualization of the warm, deep blue color known as indigo.

As you listen, you will experience a progressive relaxation, moving through each of your chakras and visualizing each of their brilliant colors.

2. Scientific AUM Meditation (30 min audio)

When you chant AUM, it naturally makes you do the extended exhalation, where you breath out longer than you breath in.

This has the effect of switching off your sympathetic nervous system and activating your parasympathetic nervous system.

With this exercise will flow naturally into the alpha state and your third eye chakra will begin to be activated. This is where your pineal gland is located.

In many ancient cultures the pineal gland is considered to be “the seat of the soul”, and this scientific AUM meditation can be used to enhance the activity of the pineal gland.

3. Third Eye Chakra Tuning (30 min audio)

Using brainwave entrainment technology you can reach deep theta brainwave states that helps you go deeper within your own mind, awakening the power of your pineal gland.

The vedic musical note that corresponds to the third eye is A and chanting or hearing sounds in this key will help to awaken your third eye.

This session combines brainwave entrainment technology and soothing sitar drones tuned to A to help you effortlessly glide into a theta brainwave state.

+ BONUS eBooks

1. Third Eye Awakening System Guide Book – How to use the meditations and important background information on how to awaken your third eye safely.

2. Pure Balance Detox Program – It is advisable to detox, de-calcify your pineal gland and rejuvenate your body using this special guide for at least 7 days before attempting to awaken your third eye.

3. The Invisible Powers By Swami Bhakta Vishita – This is a wealth of information explaining the hidden mysteries and secret powers that lie within an awakened third eye.




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