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This is a deep meditation that takes you down to your root chakra and then travels up with the Trypnaural entrainment for 1 hour. This is designed for the full chakra awakening experience.

The word ‘chakra’ is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’; but a better translation would be a “spinning wheel”.

Chakras are our energy centers. They are the openings for life energy to flow into and out of our aura. Their function is to vitalize the physical body and to bring about the development of our self-consciousness.

Each Chakra has an associated vibration. These vibrations correspond to specific frequencies produced by the brain. Using brainwave entrainment you can actually retune your chakra’s to the correct frequencies when they go out of balance.

Using my special Trypnaural system of entrainment the expertly crafted isochronic tones embedded into the hypnotic music provides an almost instant re-balancing and energizing of your chakras.

This unique combination of techniques combined into one powerful session guarantees that your brainwave and the chakra energy matrix of your body is tuned to precisely the right frequencies.

Furthermore every time you relax, meditate and listen to this session you will strengthen every chakra and result in feeling refreshed, energized and more in balance. Any blockages that you may have had will be removed each time.

This session is 1 hour in length. The beginning of the session for about 7 minutes is designed to take you down to your root chakra which is first nourished then each of the seven chakras are in turn harmonized with the Trypnaural brainwave entrainment. The music does not change, as this must remain constant to not interfere with the deep chakra cleansing, but the frequency of the entrainment does change in harmony with each chakra.

The best effect will result from sitting or lying still in a quiet comfortable place using headphones. But this is actually not necessary. You can still get benefits from this session whilst doing other things such as reading, studying, working out or even whilst sleeping.

This is because the Trypnaural isochronic tones are far superior to the old methods using binaural beats, and as they are more advanced they do not require the the use of headphones.

This music is ideal to use on your own, during therapy session or with groups, especially if you run a yoga, reiki or meditation group.


  1. I love all the meditations on this site. Very nice work and I look forward to each email I get telling me of new additions. Thank you for providing such wonderful content for enriching ones life.

    • Hi Jessica, wow thanks so much for such a lovely message! I have some new stuff that I am working on that will blow you away, as you have made such a kind comment, ill let you have a sneak peak of it when its ready!

  2. Glad to have recently joined. I have lots of great new recordings to make this summer.

    One thing… I would like to credit the creators of this music.. but cannot find a bio for either of you two fellows…..

    do you have a bio anywhere on this site or on the Alchemy site?

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