Trypnaural is a breakthrough meditation technology designed to stimulate your natural production of serotonin, melatonin, dopamine and DHEA so you can benefit from deeper sleep, improved mood, increased mind power, better health, creativity, intuition.

NASA Scientists Test Brainwaves During A Trypnaural Meditation Session

In May 2016 I did a special workshop where I trained a group of people who had never used Trypnaural before. Some were brand new to meditation and brainwave entrainment too. We combined my special breathwork techniques during the session with a selection of Trypnaural brainwave music that stimulate different brainwaves from alpha, theta and gamma. A team of NASA scientist’s, founders of Peak Neurofitness measured brainwaves during the session and the results were astonishing:

Alpha/Theta cross occurred signalling the turning on of the healing state.
Gamma was increased that rarely happens. The Dalai Lama and other great meditators are the only types of people who display increases in gamma. Gamma is associated with heightened states of perception, inspiration and bliss states.
Low alpha waves were dramatically boosted also showing the bliss state is being turned on.

If you have heard of binaural beats, you will find Trypnaural goes much deeper and works in a much faster time too.

Please download the free samples below and test Trypnaural out for yourself.

I have also included a special meditation guide to give you some deeper knowledge of how brainwave entrainment meditation works and how it can benefit you.

Here are your download links (Downloads work great on firefox browsers)

You may need to right-click the following links and select Save Link As to download the file to your computer

Sample 1: Trypnaural Ultra

This is our powerful 11 minute Trypnaural Ultra audio that has helped over 50,000 people around the world to boost their mood, go even deeper with meditation and even attract their perfect life.
To Get The Awakened Mind System Featuring The Full Collection Of Trypnaural Ultra Sessions For Whole Brain Training Click Here

Sample 2: Trypliminal Video

The only way to attract abundance into your life and to really make the law of attraction work is if you have a creativity mindset so that you can ‘create’ your reality.

Trypliminal audio sessions repattern the subconscious operating system using its unique blend of hypnotically mixed affirmations and Trypnaural brainwave technology.

Trypliminal hypno-fractal videos contains affirmations that flash every few seconds at a rate that bypasses the conscious mind to reprogram the subconscious mind.

This is a hypno-fractal video affirmations journey designed to help you rewire your consciousness for a creativity mindset.

To Get A Full Set Of Trypliminal Audios & Videos Click Here

Sample 3: Chakra Healing System Sample

This sample is from a special series of Trypnaural B.E sessions tuned to each of the 7 main chakras for profound and deep chakra balancing and healing.
To Learn More About The Full Trypnaural Chakra Healing System Click Here

Sample 4: Trypnaural Meditation Guide

This is our special Trypnaural meditation guide designed to help you gain a better understanding of the power of Trypnaural music and meditation to help you attract the things you really want in life.
To Visit Our Trypnaural Brainwave Meditation Store Click Here

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  1. thank you for the download, great vibration

  2. THANK YOU THANK YOU. I loved your samples!! and as soon as I get my hands on $97 dollars I will purchase!!

    • There is no set frequency for this sample as it is designed to move you from various frequencies by training your brain from beta to bring you into alpha, then theta.

    • Hi Ashley, all you need to do is right click on the link and choose save link as and you will have the option to download the mp3. Hope that helps

  3. i have P.T.S.D .from traning the troops God Bless them all.I had a bad fall shall i say with ther help of corse. I had brokening bouth wrists and thay missd up my left knee my right knee was all deady hurt but as a result its a lot wors know i need 2 todel knee replasments iam also dexlik so sorry for the spelling aftr lising to this i fell less stress iam not angery i fell at peace and centerd and vary light.thank u i will buy this am happy for the first time in 2 years

    • This is such a heart warming message Elizabeth, may you be eternally blessed and I pray you make a full recovery. Chant the line “I am whole, perfect, loving, harmonious and happy” every night before you sleep whilst relaxed and listening to the music, read my affirmations guide book, use it and peace shall be restored to you. Namaste Niraj x

    • Hi Jose, many thanks for your feedback. Yes I understand it is a high price, but this is because of all the value I provide. It is much more than just a meditation site, you in fact get two sites for the price of one and updates for life, including resell rights to the Trypnaural content. This means it is perfect for those looking to set up their own therapy businesses online. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, then check out my new site You can purchase my meditations individually at a much lower cost. Namaste Niraj

  4. i have equisync which is excellent but doesn`t help me with smoking but your sample shows a lot of promise in that department,also i`m only getting the music of the sample whereas when i first downloaded it i got music with with hypnotic images and though i`m interested in buying your product i`m afraid i may miss out on the videos,thank you

    • Hi Patrick,

      Thank you very much for your feedback. I would like to reassure you that as a member you can download the videos that are in the free samples.

      Hope to see you on the other side.


    • For DMT you must use a deep delta brainwave entrainment. The idea is to take you body into an almost subconscious dream like state where maximum DMT occurs naturally in our brains.

  5. Thank you so much for your free download samples. I’m in between jobs right now and am short on money, but as soon as I am able I want to purchase. Going thru a bit of a rough time right now and watching the video and listening to the trypnaural MP3 is helping. I especially liked the Chakra Awakening. I’ve been listening to the sample everyday. My situation hasn’t changed, but my prespective has and that’s what’s going to inititiate chang in my life.

  6. Thank you so much! I find this sound therapy incredible and sometimes I feel like have been asleep for hours and it is only a few minutes! I so appreciate the total effect and r and r.. I can’t purchase yet, but I will. blessyou too! Lavoine

  7. This feels amazing in the body, a totally new experience for me – awesesome!!! Thank ou so much, I will spread this. Lots of love <3 <3 <3

  8. I would like to know if the fee of $ 97 is monthly or only a one time fee. Can you please tell me this.
    Thank you

    • Hi Petra,

      Thanks so much for your kind words and feedback. I would like to assure you and anyone else you may also be wondering, that this is a one time payment of $97 There will never be a recurring charge of any kind. Many thanks Niraj

  9. Thank you very much for the download and it is a powerful tool , since I started to meditate I did experience the different in me.

  10. Thank you for the free sample, I am curious and am thinking about buying it all because I have to confess my mind ‘vibrated’ oddly when I first listened to it. I found that alone very interesting … LOL …. intrigued definitely! Thanks again 🙂

    • Thanks Sascha, yes many people have thought the same thing too from this sample! There is lots more in the members area as well as with which you get as a free bonus!

  11. I have just in the downloading process , I think it will be very amazing .
    I hope it will be of help for the most people.

  12. Thank you for the download, I’m listening as I type and know the download will be of great benefit when I use it to meditate later today.

    One question before I sign up please… can Trypnaural ‘beat’ be used safely for epileptics? Some isotronic and binaural beat sites advise against using their music for people with this issue.

    In love and light.

    • Dear Abi,

      Thanks so much for your question!

      To be honest I’m not entirely sure about its safety in epileptics! However, I would certainly advise seeking guidance from your neurologist if you are concerned before embarking on using our materials.


  13. I have been seriously doing Zen meditation for about 7 years now and in 2009 I had somewhat of a spiritual awakening. Ever since that time I have been trying to get back to that state on a permanent basis. I have tried many forms of music to enhance my mediation experiences and find this product to be the best for far. I will be buying the product very soon. Thanks

  14. Hi, I could download the Trypnaural meditation Guide by right clicking but couldn’t download the Trypnaural Mind Ascension audio. The Right click doesn’t work on the audio link.
    How do i download the Audio? Please help.

    • Hi Archana, try to double click on the sample a few times, it should work. I am going to post an alternative download link too asap.

  15. After reviewing the sample music and reading the sample explanatory, I REALLY wish I had the funds to purchase your total program. Maybe after I sell a few more pics I can do just that. Thank you so much for offering the samples.

  16. X’cellent…I have been searching for such a thing.You should submit your research for Phd.I had a block.Could not concentrate on any reading..ur 10.minutes sample really helped me greatly…Thanks a million….get back soon.

    • Wow that is brilliant, so glad that it has had such an immediate effect on you! Lots more like that inside the members area! We are looking into research for this soon and looking for PHD’s research scientists to help us. So if you know anyone please let us know. Peace Niraj x

    • Wow thats great! So glad you liked it! Would be great if you could make a comment on the youtube video comments section too! Niraj x

  17. I would just like to thank you for this meditation down load, I Just recently started meditating and was finding it extremely difficult, I was on the
    Brink of giving up when your sample came, I now wake up every morning excited to meditate knowing I have a wonderful track to do it to. Thank u

  18. I think this is a fantastic breakthrough I am hoping to purchase your programs asap. I really think this could be a breakthrough for people with mental disorders.
    Thank You.

  19. Niraj;
    This page still won’t let me download the Mp3 “Trypnaural Mind Ascension” There must be a problem with the link. The PDF downloaded fine. It is the Mp3 that won’t download.

    • Hi, please try with a different browser like I.E or chrome. It has issues with firefox sometimes. You have to click several times.

  20. Just listened to the free demo and must say I am impressed,I really liked it a lot.My question is can this be used in conjunction with the Brainwave Entrainment system I just bought a few weeks ago?It seems like similar technology with the isochronic tones and I have been told not to overdue this as it might have a negative effect,to only listen once a day.
    Thanks for any feedback

    • Hi Mike, this can be safely used in conjunction with any other program that you may have. Unlike drugs and medication, you cannot overdose on this. Namaste Niraj

    • Yes, there are delta brainwave sessions inside the members area. All trypnaural tracks are designed to help you flow in to delta. Peace Niraj

  21. Thank you, is there a way that we can purchase the ones that we want,or will you have a special price like a half off sale.

  22. This stuff works. I am 23 years old and I am currently paying the $9 per month from I am in the process of categorizing and listening to the music from that site, and even on the second day of listening to it felt my Third Eye open. It now gently pulsates for most of my waking days! Amazing. It will not be too long before I think I will spend the $97 here at this site. Great work, thank you so much! Wish I could have been there in Ibiza. Maybe one day! Thanks again 🙂

  23. Are there any scholarships offered? I’ve been on low income Social Security disability since 1992 when an infection from c-section delivery of my son caused bacterial endocarditis resulting in a major stroke with left side paralysis. I learned to walk in 3 days!!! After Aortic valve replacement surgery in 1993 my health improved. I attended college for ten years earning several degrees. BA in Human services and MBA with hope of finding employment. Although I’m more in tune with your style of healing and knowing, leaving me uncomfortable with any thought of dealing with any type of corporate business occupation. The world of business and its reality of bribes and dishonesty is too abrasive for this gentle soul. I’d rather not worship the almighty dollar yet be wealthy full of enlightenment by living in gratitude as a humble, energy sharing individual. Being one with the Universal energy acting as a conduit to assist others in allowing the body to heal. I am grateful for knowing and living in harmony instead of chasing monetary gain.

  24. How long will this offer be valid? Do you allow payments by chance?With the holidays rapidly approaching, I am concerned about $ (I am disabled). But I am completely hooked! How do I find the list of what is available on the site? I saw you included a link to buy individual tracks, but seems silly to buy one for $27 when could get them all for $97…

  25. Thank you, good material …It took me back to Vietnam……..peaceful traveling…I forgot all about my lymph nodes problem in my neck for a minute ……cant ask for anymore……..

  26. Has anyone checked the link below? I’m
    a beginner and will become a member here when I can
    afford the $97. In the meantime the free meditations on the site
    I listed the link for below are what I’m using. I just want to know
    if they are legitimate, safe, and not a waste of time!

    It’s all basic isochronic tones for different results,
    i.e. focus, sleep, creativity, etc…

    I appreciate any advice or opinions from those that have
    more knowledge and experience than I do with isochronic tones
    and trypnaural brain entrainment.


    • Hi Delphine, I have not seen this site before – its probably ok, but when things are for free they may not always be of the most reliable quality. Try it and see. Glad you are interested in our offer. Peace Niraj x

  27. I love this. I’ve heard it before on YouTube.

    Is this the original origin of this meditation track? Was it created by amAya??

    This particular trypnaural arrangement was played for me during my first Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) experience.
    Let’s just say I “crossed the vail.”

    Thanks for any info!!

    • Hi Delphine, yes this is produced by me, amAya. Thanks so much for the lovely feedback, glad you enjoyed your journey inward! – Peace Niraj x

  28. I have bought many different programmes in the last 2 yrs & your free 11 minute recording has improved my sleep bt 2=3 hrs no problem, i would recommend your companies products to anyone.

  29. thank you for the free saample download..!!! I download it for the second time without knowing it from the frist time ir start listning to it I feel very much posetife for I’m getting very easy negetive thant everything goes wrong and I get even more negetive and very depresed and it went on for days but someting has cange sins I start listning to your saample good tings hapend in my life i think of somethig I want to be chage in my life and it happens unfortunaly I havent gor the mony to bay your ful album but I lisen evry now and then when I got a free time to your saample 2-4 times by repeating it 2-3 times every time I lisning a day wil that do me any harm if I do that?

    • Hi Marietjie, thank you for your kind feedback. Yes you can repeat the sample as many times as you like, it will do no harm! Peace Niraj x

  30. I’d like more info on how one becomes a member and are there more pieces to listen to… This really is relaxing and stress releasing. Thanks

  31. thank-you I will submit another comment after I have listened more fully to the rcording The information is awesome couldn’t have come at a better time thank-you again

  32. I have been listening to some on youtube and this is the best I have heard. I had no trouble downloading it.Thank you.With Metta Rhiannon 🙂

  33. Really enjoyed listening to the tracks – my kind of chill out!! Could this be the answer to 7 years of insomnia? Thank you so much – here’s hoping. Caroline

  34. Hello,
    Thanks to the author of the music, Thanks for the performer of the music, Thanks for musicians, thank wholeheartedly the author of this site!!

    This music is necessary for the vast majority of humanity (especially here in Bulgaria)!

    Success and your music to become very popular!

  35. Wonderful Experience! Thank you for your fantastic job and the warmth of your heart your share with other people.

  36. Thank you so much for your free download samples. I’m right now short on money, but as soon as I am able I want to purchase. watching the video and listening to the trypnaural MP3 is helping. I’ve been listening to the sample everyday. Great Music with Vibration.

  37. Hello,

    can I use your free demo in a new audio product (adding questions), all the while giving due credits and referencing to your site ? I’m french and the audio productif will be aimed at the french market. Thanks for your answer !

  38. I have been listening to your ‘Trypnaural Mind Ascension’ sound for a couple of weeks now. It really soothes my mind and feeling. Thank you so much for the wonderful gift! It’s doing something good in me. I’ll try your other products for more self improvement, soon.

  39. Thanks for the downloads! ^_^
    I can’t seem to download the video file however. An error message appears saying “source file could not be read”. I use an Android phone with Firefox browser as recommended. Other people seem to have done it. Could something be wrong with my device?

  40. Hello dear Niraj Naik,

    now I could donwload your free gifts and I have listened to the mp3 sounds. (I had made mistake, therefore it did not work.)
    Very impressive. I feel much more relaxed than before. Thank you so much.
    Hope to be able to purchase your other products.

    Thank you very much!

    Best wishes, Marlene Amina Remmel

  41. Thank you for the free downloads. I have downloaded several meditation and subliminal recordings from you and other sites. I have not had the opportunity to listen to these, however, I am confident they will be as great as the others I have sampled. As a former clinical hypnotist I am aware of the power of the subconscious. And now, as a self-published author I use the recordings to reach a relaxed state and improve my creativity. Once again, thanks from my cavernous cognizance.

  42. Hi Niraj,

    Thanks very much for these great samples.

    Like so many other people that have posted, I’m absolutely dying to take out life membership. but I simply cannot afford to until my next credit card bill cut off date.

    I’m a bit concerned that it is stated as a limited time offer – will it still be open at the end of November?


  43. Thank you very much for the downloads. In the chakra tuning mp3 the back ground music is superb . It takes one into a trance, best for meditation and tuning in. The ‘Beej mantra’ chanting method is really good.

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