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D.P Mahesha D.P Mahesha , Guiness Book Of Records Memory Champion/Mind Power Expert -

Trust me your work means a lot to us, it is helping!

Elga Konietzny

I am still moving in this wonderful energy. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity in this life to experience what I have been longing for since I was a child.

Like the invention of computers has helped us to get complex tasks and calculations done in a fraction of the time, the innovation of brainwave technology like Trypnaural helps you get into deep meditative states fast.

Try it, risk free and experience its benefits for yourself right now.

Marisa Peer

Trypnaural is the music choice for all Marisa Peer's latest hypnosis sessions as her clients love the music and effects.

Marisa Peer, Britains Best Therapist (Men's Health/Tatler Magazine)
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  • Individual Collections
  • Self Healing, Deep Sleep, Success, Trypnaural Ultra, Affirmations, Chakra + much more
  • Play On Smartphones/Tablets/PC/MAC
  • Resell License Included
  • Instant Download
  • One Time Payment
  • Play On Smartphones/Tablets/PC/MAC
  • Full Collection
  • 10+ Hrs
  • Self Healing, Deep Sleep, Success, Trypnaural Ultra, Affirmations, Chakra + much more

I meditated with your serotonin sunrise meditation music and chanted my mantra to it. This experience was too profound. It was so overwhelming that I don't know what sadness or longing memory got triggered in my subconscious mind that made me cry. I have no words to explain. It was such an emotional release and I felt so connected to the universal consciousness. Thanks so much for such music.

Haritha, Pyramid Valley

I would like to give you a big digital hug of gratitude for your unbelievable brainwave entrainment music. I have used nearly every program I could find starting almost 5 years ago ranging from Hemi-sync, Holo-sync, BMV, Yogic Sound, and several others, but none of them compare to the sheer brilliance and efficacy of your work.

John, USA


Fellow Brainwave Entrainment Enthusiast,


My name is Niraj Naik, and I am an integrative health expert from the UK.


Learning meditation and enhancing the meditative experience with sound technology, is not just a passion of mine, but its an obsession.


Once you realize the true amazing health benefits of deep meditation using brainwave entrainment technology, you get hooked and want to do it more and more...


Having worked as a pharmacist for several large corporations, I have seen all kinds of clients suffering from stress, insomnia, phobias and depression.


Working in a cubicle environment myself for many years, I know the stress and negative health impact involved with such a lifestyle.

 In 2010 I was diagnosed with a stress related illness that left me housebound for over 10 months. After discovering a simple set of stress reduction techniques that combines lifestyle changes with music, brainwave entrainment and meditation, I managed to recover without the need for long-term medication.


This turned me into an evangelist for helping others reduce stress using the same methods. I know that what would really help my clients including myself is a healthy dose of yoga, meditation and a good nights sleep.


In the past I would have to direct them to methods of meditation that would take hours to do and was just not practical to fit into their busy corporate lives, and what happened?....


Very few people could actually keep it up. Those who did obviously had enjoyed fantastic benefits to their health. But I wanted to make it easier for people to meditate and basically just chill out for once in their crazy hectic lives!!


I was one of those people too, suffering from stress of working long hours and often doing the kind of work I really hated. But then I discovered brainwave entrainment technology.


I tried many of the popular meditation programs out there using embedded brainwave entrainments and I have to say they did work, but you still had to do it for hours and hours to get any real effects from it. I then realised it was because most of the products on the market were using very very outdated methods, originating back from the 1920's!


I also found there were many charlatans in the industry who had no professional health qualification and were definitely not music producers.....


The whole brainwave entrainment and meditation industry needed a serious revamp to bring it back up to the 21st century. That is where I wanted to bridge the gap...


Being a respected health and wellness expert in the UK and also running my own successful music labels and events when I was younger, I wanted to combine my skills to produce a meditation technology that anyone can do....


....And that would only require a few minutes of your day.

Introducing Trypnaural Brainwave Entrainment Meditation

Get Access To A Growing Library Of The Most Cutting Edge Brainwave Entrainment Music & Meditations Perfect For Therapists, Sound Healers & Anyone Who Wants To Go Deeper With Meditation In A Faster Time.

Included Is A Special License To Resell Your Own Custom Meditations.

  • Results In A Faster Time - works in 15 minutes or less
  • Reduce stress, enjoy deep sleep, be more focused, increase mind power, even start or expand your business with the resell license
  • Side Effect Free - meditation is proven to help with depression, ADHD, high blood pressure without side effects.

What Do You Find In The Fast Growing Trypnaural Library?

Inside the members area you will be able to instantly access all the content to download. All sound files are the highest quality 320 mp3. There are also bonus meditation videos in mp4 format to download or stream from the members area with hypnotic imagery for and even greater tryptamic effect.

There are accompanying guides on meditation, relaxation and how to use the content to its fullest potential so you will never feel like you don’t understand anything.

Even if you do feel confused and need some extra guidance, we are usually always accessible via skype or email, the details of which you will get once you join.

  • Trypnaural Ultra

    Short sessions designed to fit into a busy schedule for ultra fast relaxation & mood boost

  • Trypnaural B.E

    Long sessions ranging from 30 mins – 1hr of alpha, theta, delta and gamma isochronic brainwave entrainment. For sleep, stress reduction, astral projection, lucid dreaming

  • Trypnaural Subliminal

    Subliminal affirmations embedded in Trypnaural B.E tracks for success, self healing and creativity mindset

  • Trypnaural Affirmation Videos

    Unique hypno-fractal videos with Trypnaural Ultra + B.E tracks for success, self healing and creativity mindset.

  • Guided Meditations

    Professional guided meditations recorded over Trypnaural B.E sessions for awakening your potential, self healing and deep relaxation.

  • Nature Sounds

    Collection of professional nature sounds like beach waves, forest sounds, waterfalls for mixing into your own sessions.

  • Isochronic Tones Sessions

    Collection of isochronic tones for alpha, theta, delta, gamma that you can mix into your own sessions

  • How To Relax, Meditate & Breathe Like A Yoga Master

    This little known ancient breathing method gives you instant relaxation and maximizes the power of meditation and brainwave audios.

  • Scientific Prayers For Ultra Manifestation

    The secret to manifesting your dreams and creating your perfect reality using meditation and brainwave audios are found within this special book.

  • How To Create Your Own Meditation Mixes + Subliminal Mind Programs

    Video guides show you how to get creative with brainwave audios. Special resell license allows you to resell your own custom sessions using the Trypnaural library. So get creative!

Over 10 hrs Of Mind Blowing Content!

  • Trypnaural Ultra – these are the trademark hi-end Trypnaural meditations specially produced with mood boosting sounds, music and vocals. You will not find anything like this anywhere else online. These tracks range from 10 – 20 minutes in length. Value $97
  • Trypnaural B.E – these are deep meditation tracks embedded with isochronic tone sessions. These are still extremely powerful and include some long sessions from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Value $47
  • Trypnaural Subliminal – These are special trypnaural audio tracks embedded with subliminal affirmations for success, healing, prosperity and wealth. The combination of subliminals and trypnaural sounds make an ultra powerful subconscious reprogramming effect. Value $47
  • Trypnaural Affirmations Videos – When you combine Trypnaural music with powerful hypno-fractal videos featuring affirmations magic happens. You can literally rewired your unconscious mind for success in any area. We have a growing series of the very best affirmations videos for creativity, success, and self healing. (Value $197)
  • Nature Sounds – also included are some pro quality sounds of nature, from the sounds of tropical waves, to tranquil streams lasting for 1 hour each. You can also use these to produce your custom own meditation programs using the guide and tools provided in the members area. Value $27
  • Trypnaural Isochronic Tones Sessionshere are a selection of raw extremely potent isochronic tones sessions designed for different purposes such as increasing energy, healing, and deep sleep induction. These range from 15 minutes to 1 hour. You can also use these to produce your custom own meditation programs using the guide and tools provided in the members area. Value $97
  • Scientific Prayers + How To Re-Program Your Own Subconscious To Manifest Any Result You Desire - I have gone 1 step further to make my service the best out there. Using my special guide, hypnotic scripts, subliminal mind programs and affirmations, you will be able to reprogram your consciousness to manifest any result you desire with the art of scientific praying. This is based on the techniques of Joseph Murphy “The Father Of Personal Development” Value $47
  • How To Create Your Own Custom Meditation Tracks – there are lots of meditation websites out there, but how many of them actually teach you how to create your own meditation programs? Very few, until now. Inside the members area you will be able to create your own meditation programs, mixes and subliminal mind programs out of the sounds, meditations and music files provided. Value $47
  • How To Meditate, Relax and Breathe – I have been asked many times, how do I actually meditate? So I have provided a guide showing you the best method of relaxing, with the correct breathing techniques for reducing stress provided by the world renowned Swami Ambikanda Saraswati. Her rare and much sought after books on breathing have been auctioned for over $200 a copy.
  • Longevity and Life Transformation Guide – I have been a integrative health and wellness consultant to several large organizations in the UK, so I have provided all my content to you that will get you fit and healthy – I normally give talks for no less than $500 an hour.
  • As a reseller/lifetime member you also have full rights to resell your customized meditations sessions and keep 100% of the profits. So you can start your own profitable business in one of the most in demand markets today. You cannot however just resell the raw music files provided in the members area.

Featuring The Beautiful Music Of amAya

amAya is a collaboration between Niraj Naik and Dr Mrigank Mishra, both with an expertise in crafting exquisite sounds and music with a healing touch.

Their sublime and unique style of music has been gaining incredible popularity, with their music being used in therapy centres, yoga studios and health spa’s all around the world.

amAya's music is world-class and wonderful! James D'Silva, Celeb Yoga Teacher
(Madonna, Sting, Coldplay)

Remember, you have nothing to lose, there is no risk involved, only massive life changing benefits to gain..

Due to the overwhelming rising costs of keeping this website running and the expensive research and development involved in bringing you the very best meditation music and audio brainwave technology, I am not going to charge you anywhere near the real world value of what we have on offer.

I ask you, with utmost gratitude for a very small donation to help us keep this site going.


Highest Quality Audio Format

Instantly download all the content in the highest quality 320kbps mp3 format that is the closest you will find to CD quality. (most other sites use inferior 128kbps mp3s that actually cause stress on the brain due to low audio quality)

How Can You Control Your Brainwave State?


For many thousands of years spiritual sages, rishis, yogis, shamans, monks, whatever you would like to call them, have been perfecting the process of meditation to induce deep meditative states. They would have to spend many hours a day of quieting the mind and controlling their brainwave states.


This is just not practical for most people to do in their hectic modern lifestyles. Fortunately with the advances of modern technology you can, using specially designed audio technology, train your minds to achieve whatever states you want just after a few short sessions.


The old method of doing this was using specially embedded binaural beats.


How Do Binaural Beats Work?


When you play two separate frequencies in each ear, say 140 Hz and 149 Hz, the difference in frequency is 9 hz. Your brain compensates for this difference and a third tone of 9 Hz is experienced. This will result in your brain being raised or lowered and tuned into the desired frequency. This is how binaural beats are produced. Headphones are essential for this to work. This is the least effective of all brainwave technologies.


Trypnaural meditations use the most effective and current of all brainwave entrainment technologies available today called "Isochronic Tones"


How Do Isochronic Tones Work?


These are by far the most powerful and effective brain trainers. They work by utilising equal intensity tones and increasing the pulse speed to synchronise your brain with the rhythm. The more distinct and clear wave from harmonises your brain much faster. The effects can be felt without headphones, but using them will greatly enhance the effects.


This actually mimics the same methods used by the ancient tribesman who would beat their drums to a special rhythm. Trynaural Meditations are specially designed to produce exactly the right frequencies in your brain to produce the desired benefits.


The combination of isochronic tones with specially designed sounds and music is what creates the full effect of state change and stress reduction.

How Trypnaural Ultra Works

During my own personal research I discovered a strange relationship between music, brainwaves and the harmonic pulse of our planet known as the Schumann Resonance.


I discovered that music played with a hypnotic arpeggiated groove at 120bpm and 60bpm would sync perfectly with alpha and theta brainwaves and the Earth's magnetic pulse.


This is what led to the development of my brand new style of brainwave entrainment that is more musical and works much faster than anything else online.

How Trypnaural B.E Works

Trypnaural meditations use the most effective and current of all brainwave entrainment technologies available today called 'Isochronic Tones'



Trypnaural vs Binaural Beats?


Trypnaural B.E uses the most advanced and modern form of brainwave entrainment called isochronic tones fused with professional meditation music produced by amAya.


Trypnaural Ultra uses a novel form of brainwave entrainment that syncs to alpha and theta brainwaves for fast trance induction - harmonizing your brainwaves for whole brain function.


Experience Many Benefits That Last After Just One Session


The expertly crafted Trypnaural sessions are designed to not only help you have the deepest sleep you have ever experienced, but using the special 'Scientific Prayers' you can literally rewire your subconscious mind to boost your immune system and tune your mind for peak mental performance when you wake up the very next day.


How Do I Get The Most Benefit From Trypnaural Meditations?


To gain the full benefit of Trypnaural products it is recommend that you listen to it through stereo head phones (headphones not essential), making sure that you are lying or sitting comfortably in a safe environment. The best time to use these sessions are at night before you want to go to sleep.


Are There Any Side Effects Of Trypnaural?


There are no known side effects. If you are on medication or have any health concerns please speak to your doctor first.


Royalty Free License


The relaxing music, sounds, meditations and brainwave entrainment sessions is royalty free music, great for CD audio backgrounds, video music production, websites, music on hold, background music in spas, retail hotels, restaurants.


You do not need to have a performance license to play this music, so this is perfect for yoga teachers and others who do not want to spend an extortionate amount on license fees.


However this does not apply to those who are wishing to use this music for commercial purposes such as advertising and reselling of the original material.


Please contact me if you wish to use this music for those purposes. You do however have 100% resell rights to sell the customized meditations that you produce with the material provided as long as they are for sale to your own clients via CDs or mp3s from your own personal website. You must give credit to as the original source and adhere to our license requirements.

For therapists interested in joint venture opportunities for large scale projects please contact Niraj at [email protected]


Raghee Horner

As a trader, having focus is not a luxury, it’s a necessity for making the best decisions under pressure. The music and meditations allow me to bring my best game each and every day. I am more tuned into work for longer and better and without a steady energy and calmness. I am also a writer with a fairly high demand on output meaning I need to get a quality 700 to 1800 words of analysis created daily. And again I rely on to put my mind at it’ most clear and creative. It delivers every time.
Raghee Horner
  • No Resell License
  • Instant Download
  • One Time Payment
  • Individual Collections
  • Self Healing, Deep Sleep, Success, Trypnaural Ultra, Affirmations, Chakra + much more
  • Play On Smartphones/Tablets/PC/MAC
  • Resell License Included
  • Instant Download
  • One Time Payment
  • Play On Smartphones/Tablets/PC/MAC
  • Full Collection
  • 10+ Hrs
  • Self Healing, Deep Sleep, Success, Trypnaural Ultra, Affirmations, Chakra + much more

Being in the Army I have endured the hardest stress of my life. I always knew deep within me that I was different. I saw this in everyone else around me. I knew I had to unlock the power within me first before I could help everyone around me. Even just last night I fell asleep listening to Trypnaural meditations and was forced to awaken feeling different parts of my brain opening, and parts I have never felt before! So I know I am on the right path and have found the right place to go to! So thanks Trypnaural!

Johnny, USA Army

For the 1st time I heard their live music performance at The 6th GCSS (Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists) I was was not aware of what is going to be played. While meditating into this trance I don't know what happened to me & I was feeling wow, It was really different from all others I have heard before. It was totally an experience which cannot be explained in words. I would recommend Trypnaural to all who those want to go more deep onto meditation. Thank you amAya for making such incredible music.

Vikaas, India
Dr Millett Dr Millett, I have over 15 years of experience as a therapist and Trypnaural is my first choice for getting incredibly deep and therapeutic trance states with my clients.
David Bentley David Bentley, I have been making relaxation recordings for mental self help and health improvement since 1979. As a pathfinder in EEG ( brainwave monitoring and entrainment ) I understand totally the effects of sound and music on the human mind and body. The recordings offered from your website are without doubt some of the most effective I have ever used and recommend them to my clients whole heartedly

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