Deep Sleep System Download

There is no hard set rules on how to use these sessions, however a simple guideline is provided below.

You should use them at night and use them according to your personal tastes.

They each have the desired effect of bringing your brainwaves into a deep delta relaxation for deep restorative sleep and melatonin product.

Please read the eBooks, follow the advice given, and you will be sure to have the most restful nights sleep ever as a result.

How To Use The Sessions

Download each session and listen to each one in this order:

1. Mind Restore

Trypnosis is a powerful hypnosis session that will put you into a deep sleep rewiring your brain with healthier and more success driven habits from the moment you wake up.

I like to start with this session.

Use it for at least 5 times in the next 7 days. Listen to it before you wish to go to sleep. Do not worry if you fall asleep as the hypnosis is designed to work on your subconscious mind that is still active when you sleep. You can also play the session through your speakers rather than headphones if you find them distracting.

2. Then repeat the same with Deep Sleep Delta

3. and then Melatonin Maker

Listen to each one in turn at least 5 times over a period of 7 days.

This will then train your brain to access deep delta brainwave states and after this period you may be able to fall asleep naturally without relying on any technology or pills.

Deep Delta Sleep

This collection features the full 1 Hr deep meditative trypnaural brainwave entrainment session designed to give you the feeling of being nurtured within the inner womb -- the most soothing, still and restful experience you will ever have.

Included is the sample recording of the pregnant mothers womb that you can use for your own meditation mixes.

This unique track features the sound of a pregnant mother's heartbeat at 50 -60BPM which is what you would hear as a baby in your mother's womb and has been scientifically proven to create the perfect ambience for deep delta R.E.M sleep.

Problems such as hypertension, chronic disease, weight gain and depression are linked to lack of sleep. So getting a good nights sleep is essential for your longterm health and well being.

This perfect for curing insomnia, and also works very well for restless babies and children too.


Melatonin – Your Vital Hormone

Melatonin is a hormone produced by your pineal gland that regulates your wake/sleep cycle. One of its main roles is to help you get to sleep.

Science strongly shows how melatonin could be the most vital hormone for your health.

According to renowned Osteopathic Physician, Dr. Joseph Mercola, “Melatonin has roles in cancer prevention, strengthening your immune system, and may even slow down cellular aging; in fact, it has been the subject of preclinical research on over 100 different disease applications.1 It’s your body’s “Superhero of the Night,” and light is his number one nemesis.”

Artificial lighting actually disrupts melatonin production and in our 24/7 world where the cities rarely sleep or close for the night, many people are becoming deficient in this power hormone.

Melatonin is actually one of your most powerful natural antioxidants. It has a very powerful anti-inflammatory effect and without it, it causes your thymus gland, a major component of your immune system to actually shrink in size.

Studies have shown that a deficiency of melatonin can lead to the following health problems:

  1. Decreased immune function
  2. High blood pressure and heart disease.
  3. Increased risk of Alzheimer’s, cancer, depression, obesity/weight gain and other autoimmune disorders.

The moment you turn on your light at night, you confuse your brains interpretation of whether its day or night. Your brain thinks its day-time and this signals your pineal gland to stop producing melatonin. Even if you just switch on the light for a second, your melatonin pump usually does not switch back on until the following night.


How to Increase Your Melatonin Levels

You can actually artificially increase your melatonin levels by taking supplements, and, in some cases, doctors are prescribing melatonin supplements for issues like insomnia. You can also find melatonin in a variety of foods such as bananas, oats, rice almonds, coriander, and goji berries. In recent times medicinal marijuana has been widely legalized around several states in the US and one of its main prescriptions is for insomnia. Cannabis actually creates a huge surge in melatonin production from the pineal gland. Cannabis has also shown in various studies to decrease the growth of cancerous tumours and low melatonin levels are associated with an increased risk of cancer.

  1. Try to get real natural light exposure daily – Your pineal gland only produces melatonin when there is a sufficient contrast between the level of light you’re exposed to during the day in relation to the level of light you’re exposed to at night. So, the pineal gland will not begin to produce melatonin if you are in darkness most of the day, as it won’t be able to tell the difference between night and day.
  2. Sleep in complete darkness when possible – A slightest glow from an alarm clock, a laptop or mobile phone and even street lights will disrupt the sleep/wake cycle and prevent the production of melatonin, as artificial light like this confuses your brain. Keep electrical equipment at a distance or switched off and make sure your curtains are fully drawn to make your room as dark as possible.
  3. Avoid using your computer or watching TV for at least 1hr before going to bed – Artificial light confuses the sleep/wake cycle and prevents the production of melatonin.
  4. Use low wattage yellow, orange or red light bulbs if you need a source of light at night – Light in this bandwidth does not shut down melatonin production whereas artificial blue light emitted by most other light bulbs and electronic devices do.
  5. Keep your room at night cool, no higher than 70C – Keeping cool at night is the optimum way to sleep and boost melatonin production.
  6. Take a hot bath, use a sauna or steam room 90 to 120 minutes before you sleep – this increases your core body temperature and the immediate drop when you stop switches on the sleep response in your body.
  7. Become a sun worshipper – if it is possible try to wake up with the sun and catch some rays for at least 15 minutes at dawn. This helps boost your natural production of vitamin D at the start of the day and also helps create a strong contrast between day and night, helping you boost melatonin production at night. Many experienced meditators enjoy a morning meditation and a well-known yoga technique known as sun salutations is performed first thing in the morning.
  8. Throw out your loud alarm clock – many studies have shown that waking up with a loud alarm clock causes harmful stress. If you can avoid using an alarm clock your mind and body will love you.
  9. Meditate – In 1995, researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center’s Stress Reduction and Relaxation Program found that meditators had significantly higher melatonin levels than non-meditators. They also found that when the test subjects did not mediate, their melatonin levels did not increase that night. The conclusion was that daily meditation, particularly before bedtime, increases melatonin production. Another study by Vincent Giampapa, MD, showed an astonishing average 98% increase in melatonin among study participants who meditated.

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